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"Christmas party by mahila mandal,an exciting party,36 pics"
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak
Jain Community Centre
Cooking Demo
Mahila Mandal Picnic 2015
! st holi at Jain samaj by youth committee 2015
Olymic Torch Relay
Arhat Touch trip to London
African Night 2014, A fantastic evening - 16 photos
Talent Show 1st Nov 2014
The St Anns's Manchester Midnight Walk, a great Success!!!
Culture Programme Feb 21st 2015
Tree Planting 27/04/13
Aryuvedic Talk 8th Feb 2015
Mother's day 2014, A memorable evening - 11 photos
Triveni Sangham 2014
Triveni Sangam 2012, A successful event - 29 photos