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Date : 07/04/2013
Title: NCVA - Vanik Conference report




Following the invitation of NCVA to all the Executive Committee Members and Trustees  and their spouses, 4 members  namely, Kiran Mehta, Narendra Vora,Naren Shah and Harish Shah attended this conference on 7th April 2013  at the Navnat Centre in Hayes, London.
1.We were informed that there are 27 organisations who are affiliated to NCVA.
2.NCVA  was formed in 1978 to act as an umbrella body for all the  Vanik organisations in U.K.
3. 23 of the affiliated organisations were represented at the conference and were given the chance to give an account of the various activities carried out by by the respective organisations.
4.Harish Shah gave a report of the activities of Jain Samaj Manchester.
5.Chairman of NVCA informed the attendees of the activities carried out by NCVA which are as follows:
   a) Speed Dating
   b) Matrimonial Register
   c) Online Drectory
   d) Printed Directory( to be distributed very shortly)
   e) Jain Chaplaincy Service
   f) Health Seminars.
   Mr. Manharbhai Mehta. the chairman also stressed that NCVA  belongs to all the affiliated organisations and we should all think of it as our own organisation.
5.There was a guest speaker, Mr. Wineman who is the President of the Board of Trustees of Jews of UK.
    He spoke of the difficulties faced by the Jewish Community
in UK. and how they have coped with these and managed to integrate  in the British Society. He also answered some of the questions raised by the attendees of the conference.
6.There was a workshop led by Kiran Mehta. Attendees were divided in 8 groups and were asked to put forward views about how the indivual affiliated organisations could help NCVA  in becoming more pro active in their ongoing activities.

   Following points were put forward:
  a) There should be better communication between NCVA and the affiliated organisations.
  b) All the organisations should make concerted effort to make sure they are represented at future NCVA meetings and events.
  c) Organisations should make their indivual members aware of NCVA activities.
  d) National Calendar of  activities of indivual organisations on NCVA website.
  e) More financial support for NCVA from the organisations.
 The conference ended with a sumputuos meal.