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Date : 29/04/2013
Title: Vipul Mehta sharing his volunteering experience




I have been volunteering for just over 2 years at Jain Community centre teaching Jainism at SRD school. It is one of the best and life changing things that I have done. I have enjoyed every moment; I get such a sense of achievement for it.


During this time I have taken part in many different things including taking children on field trips, teaching, joining in Ahimsa walk etc. I have learnt different skills through these like organising events, communicating with different people, leading a group, all of which are important skills for the future.Getting involved in volunteering isn’t as difficult as it seem there are so many organised opportunities and usually there is something that suits every one.


I work with children aged 4yrs to 8yrs learning about Jain religion and culture, teaching them good values, and sanskars. The interaction between kids and the teachers like me is amazing. 



The taking of Arhat touch class has given me lot of pleasure, as kid's smiles make my day, Also I have gained lots of confidence and learned a lot about Jainism  too. Seeing the Children enjoy the class and asking questions makes our day. A smile on their faces and children interacting with us, in the classes is the greatest gift, us teachers can get. It means all our efforts and hard work are paid off. Getting involved with activities that are organised as part of the lesson plan and getting dressed in props organised by senior leaders is amazing too. This really brings out the best in the class, the children and us the teachers. 



By volunteering, I have seen considerable improvement in my personal development. I am much more confident and assertive in life and can also perform well in front of the audiences now. Personally my self esteem has increased many fold. I am much more confident in delivering the lesson in calm manner. 


Giving Sewa for the betterment of Jainism for our children is one of the greatest achievements for me so far. As I strongly believe that teaching kids when they are younger creates a great foundation for rest of their lives.