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Date : 07/07/2013
Title: End of the Term performance by Arhat Touch students


35 children of SR ARHAT Touch performed at the community centre on 7th July 2013 . The first performance by SRA basic children on Navkar Mantra and three bhakti songs they had learnt in Lord Mahavir term including one on Chandan bala. The one of the popular songs which got all the crowd joining the children was -come her Ek chota ladka. There was a back lit projector which also depicted scenes related to the song. The level 2 children did the part one play of Shalibhadra relating to the small boy Sangam. Level 3 children who enacted the play on the story of  Shalibhadra as part two to the play. The children exuberated so much joy whilst performing that everyone present there had only one word – it is wonderful !! They were into their part and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They related to their life and the  learning they brought out from the play through their own  experience is – you reap what you sow, love is giving and not to be the slave of the mind. The total time of the performance was one hour.
The co – op executive member , Mr Vijay Patel said ,”Words could not describe the emotion and experience that was realized, by the superb performance of the Arhat Touch children. Many thanks to all those who put together this wonderful event.”  Dr Hardik Bhansali , co – op executive member and parent  thanked Arhat Touch for the work they are doing in promoting Jain religion. His children aged 7 and 14 look forward to coming to Arhat Touch classes on a Sunday .The religious secretary , Mrs Saroj Patel praised the fantastic work done by all the sevaks of Arhat Touch and  thanked Arhat Touch for bringing Jainism to the children of Manchester.

The program was well attended by nearly 180 members and children. The children are our future.