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Date : 21/10/2013
Title: In Communion with Jainism - Exhibition Report


Jain Samaj Manchester’s Arhat touch had organized 'In Communion with Jainism', a premier exhibition on Jain religion at Jain Community Centre, Manchester on 2oth and 21st of October 2013.

The children of all ages were given the opportunity to present what they have learnt about Jain philosophy, mythology and rituals in their classes. This chance helped them strengthen their own knowledge and also tell others about the glorious teachings of the Jinas. ??

There were eleven stalls focusing on various aspects of the Jain religion. Various topics on Jainism were explored through the use of exciting games, prizes, videos, worksheets, presentations and other tools designed to thoroughly captivate everyone present there with the jewels of the Jain religion.


For example, visitors were introduced to the eight main types of karma through elaborate analogies at the Karma Trap stall. At another stall, they played hooplas to enact the journey of the soul from one-sensed to five-sensed beings, while a specially designed Knock, Knock game explained the 18 paapsthanaks (sins) in a practical manner.

Besides, the dos and don'ts of compassionate cooking were explained through a food preparation activity.??


Several visitors praised the fact that the children were able to present confidently, showing that their knowledge stemmed not from rote learning but from clear understanding. They appreciated the children’s effort enthusiasm and blessed them to continue doing this wonderful work .The visitors found the pictures were very useful for everyone and it made it easier to understand certain aspects by looking at the pictures.


Councillor June Somekh, Stockport Council, inaugurated the exhibition and was very impressed by the knowledge that the children had gained. She said - Educating children from a young age is very important and will be very beneficial to them as they get older.  ‘The children are so well-versed that even I could easily get a gist of the entire Jain philosophy.’


Hena Begum from Interfaith thought that the exhibition was a good way of raising awareness of Jainism and again, she thought it was excellent getting the children involved. She learnt some facts about Jainism that she did not know.  


Mr Salauddin Choudhury , past Pakistan Consul General , thought the exhibition was excellent, extraordinary and emancipating. He was very impressed by the knowledge of the children.


Mr Afzal Khan, past Lord Mayor of Manchester  thought the exhibition was well organised. He said it was easy to understand for a new-comer and for someone who does not know much about Jainism.


Executive committee members, Asha and Dushyant Mehta of Jain Samaj Manchester said, it was a platform whereby children could showcase what they had learnt, by attending the school. The games were relevant and very helpful. Those who were able to attend agree that it was worth every minute of their time.  


Mr. Andy Williams from Faith Network said he had an illuminating journey through Jainism and now knows much more than he did before.


Mr. Kalpit Doshi, Head, Leicester SRD said that he was wowed by the visual setup, the welcome was immense, the knowledge imparted was scintillating.


A parent   commented - I could have never taught my children, the way in which the Arhat Touch sevaks have imparted to them.   The exhibition is a classic example of teamwork and harmony. The children’s grasping of deep concepts as well as their conviction and confidence in presenting them to others spoke volumes about the profound impact that JSM  Arhat Touch has made on their minds and hearts.





The objective was to give children an opportunity to share with people, the knowledge they had gained by attending the classes regularly. Children spoke about everything, from explaining the different Jain festivals to modern age cooking in a Jain way.

The Exhibition helped all to understand and learn Jainism in a new perspective.